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Wisconsin Public Land

For PRIVATE LAND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC: Because these types of properties continually change you will need to contact the local WI DNR office for an updated list regularly.

Some of these areas are Fishing Grounds, Hunting Land, Remnats, Wildlife Areas, SNA - State Natural Areas and others are Wildlife Refuges.

Adams County, WI.

  • Amey Pond Wildlife Refuge - located by Briggsville WI just south of Mason Lake this area is NOT Open to Hunting...
  • Big Roche-A-Cri Fishery Area located in Leola Township along Big Roche-A-Cri Trout Stream…
  • Castle Rock County Park located in Quincy Township on Castle Rock Lake featuring camping, boat launch, beach, etc…
  • Castle Rock Horse Trails -
  • Central Wisconsin Grasslands Conservation Area - is 160 acres created by four 40 acre parcels located in Leola Township of Adams County, WI. “Dog Training Area”!
  • Colburn Wildlife Area located in Colburn Township which is about 5,000 acres open to the public for hunting, foraging, hiking and more...
  • Dells of The Wisconsin River Natural Area located in Dell Prairie Township with about 650 acres on the Wisconsin River in mostly 2 locations...
  • East Dike Walking Trail on Castle Rock Lake
  • Easton Pond County Park located in Easton Township on Easton Lake mostly just a boat ramp onto the lake with some parking…
  • Fordam Creek Remnant -
  • Friendship Lake - 115 acres fishing and boating lake just north of Friendship WI.
  • Friendship Park - Features playground equipment, picnic pavilion, Little Roche-A-Cri Creek Trout Stream, volleyball courts, barbecue grills and more....
  • Jordan Lake County Park -
  • Lakes in Adams County, WI - here you'll find a list of all the lakes in Adams Cty including Lake Petenwell, Castle Rock Lake, Mason, Easton, Patrick and more...
  • Lake Arrowhead County Park
  • Lake Camelot County Park
  • Lake Mason County Park
  • Lawrence Creek SNA (State Natural Area Program) -
  • Lawrence Creek Wildlife Area located in New Chester and Lincoln Townships with 480 acres along Lawrence Creek…
  • Leola Marsh Wildlife Area located in Leola Township with about 1,660 acres of land in 3 locations…
  • Little Roche-A-Cri Creek Remnant - consists of two areas, one located in Preston Township of Adams County, Central Wisconsin starting at the intersection of...
  • Mason Lake County Park -
  • Monroe Town Park located in Monroe Township on Lake Petenwell which has a pavilion and small fishing boat launch…
  • Monroe Prairie Recreation Area -
  • Parker Lake County Park / Wayside
  • Patrick Lake County Park located in New Chester Township on Patrick Lake it’s about 15 acres in size with a playground, beach, boat ramp, etc…
  • Petenwell County Park located in Monroe Township on Lake Petenwell featuring camping, boat launch, beach, etc…
  • Quincy Bluff and Wetlands State Natural Area located in Quincy and Easton Township with about 1,700 acres…
  • Rabbit Rock Wayside
  • Remnant Fordham Creek - This public land area is about 37 acres mostly wooded with row pines along...
  • Remnant Little Roche-A-Cri Creek - consists of two areas, one located in Preston Township...
  • Roche-A-Cri Natural Area -
  • Roche-A-Cri State Park -
  • Shiprock Wayside -
  • Twin Lakes Nature Preserve -
  • Van Kuren Trails by Lake Petenwell -
  • Upper Neenah Creek State Fishery Area located in Jackson and New Chester Townships with 4 locations with about 360 acres in total…
  • Wisconsin River Wayside & Boat Launch

Clark County

  • Lake Sherwood County Park – 

Juneau County

  • Buckhorn Barrens SNA
  • Buckhorn State Park
  • Buckhorn Wildlife Area
  • Cranberry Creek Mound Group SNA
  • Eagle Nest Flowage Public Access
  • Lemonweir Bottomland Hardwood Forest SNA
  • Meadow Valley Wildlife Area (Necedah National Wildlife Refuge)
  • Necedah National Wildlife Refuge is located in Necedah Township, Kingston Township, Cutler Township, and Finley Township of Juneau County just west of Necedah, WI. 54646.
  • Necedah Station
  • Petenwell Rock
  • Petenwell Wilderness Park
  • Yellow River Oxbows SNA
  • Yellow River Wildlife Area
  • Wood County Wildlife Area

Marquette County

  • Caves Creek Fishery Area -
  • Lawrence Creek SNA (State Natural Area Program) -
  • Lawrence Creek Wildlife Area
  • Mecan River Fishery Area -
  • Upper Fox Headwaters SNA (State Natural Area Program) -

Waushara County

  • Bohn Lake Ice Age Trail -
  • Carter Creek Remnant -
  • Greenwood Wildlife Area is about 1440 acres and is located in Hancock Township of Waushara County, Central Wisconsin.  This Area is quite large and is mostly...
  • John Lawton Fishery Area -
  • Lunch Creek Wetlands SNA (State Natural Area Program) -
  • Mecan Springs SNA (State Natural Area Program)
  • Mecan River Fishery Area
  • Mecan River Fisher Ice Age Trail
  • Plainfield Tunnel Channel Lakes SNA
  • Upper Fox Headwaters SNA (State Natural Area Program) -
  • White River Fishery Area

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